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A cartoon drawing of a smiling liver. The liver is red with black contours, it has big round eyes and welcoming smile. On hand on a hip, the other inviting you in.

The Worth the Cure campaign was developed from hepatitis C (HCV) community teach-ins and education workshops by organized by Treatment Action Group and the Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group in New York City. Workshop participants, including people who had been cured of HCV, peer workers, and impacted community members, were encouraged to share their lived experience of seeking care. They shared stories of stigma from providers and family members, treatment denials due to rationing based on liver disease progression, drug and alcohol abstinence requirements and needing to see a specialist. Even after these restrictions had been lifted, workshop participants reported that many people still waiting for the cure didn’t believe they could receive treatment. They had received and internalized the message that they didn’t deserve HCV treatment, that they weren’t worth the cure. 

Progress has been made in the US and other high income countries to remove all treatment restrictions and scale up HCV testing and care. Globally, treatment continues to be limited, especially in LMICs. In addition, branded and generic versions of the HCV cure have not been registered in several countries and there is a lack of supplier competition in LMICsleading to high prices. People living with HCV, especially people who are disproportionately affected — people who use and inject drugs, people in prison, detention, and refugee settings, people who are unstably housed – are being denied their universal human rights to science and health.

To provide technical assistance we have compiled advocacy resources, letter templates, and a collaborative design tool to support activists advocating for the registration of direct acting antivirals (DDAs) to cure hepatitis C and the lifting of treatment restrictions in their countries and jurisdictions.

We are worth the cure!