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The video library is a growing collection of videos of activists’ lived experiences on the  challenges with accessing HCV treatment and harm reduction services and the need for affordable DAAs for all.

Video still of Clare Groves sitting in front of a window
Clare Groves talks about her hep C diagnosis
Video still of joyful Clare Groves wearing a red wig.
Clare Groves talks about hep C activism
video still of Andria sitting in front of a yellowish brick wall
Andria – ‘do or die’
A very animated Andria, talking passionately in front of a brick wall
Andria talks about impactful activism
Video still from the video of Bartolomeu. He is a middle aged Brazilian with moustache and grey beard sitting in front of a white background, wearing navy and white t-shirt.
Brazil – Bartolomeu
An image of a video still depicting Suzana, a Brazilian woman. She is wearing a yellow t-shirt and has long blond hair and gold framed glasses.
Brazil – Suzana
A video still of Neide, and older Brazilian woman who sits in front of a white wall, she is wearing black sunglasses and teal t-shirt.
Brazil – Neide
A video still of Lucas - a young Brazilian man with dark curly hair, a small beard and a moustache.
Brazil – Lucas